My Media, My Experience

My media has been such a great experience for me. I have received the chance to learn about journalism. I have also learned about blogging and how keeping up with your blog is extremely important. My favorite activity we did was the documentary videos because we picked a topic that impacted our lives. I had chosen school lunches because I feel they are unhealthy as well as unappetizing, many kids end up buying lunch but throwing their lunches away. My favorite part was the interveiwng stage because I got to hear lots of different perspectives on school lunches. Most people agreed with myself, saying they are unhealthy or to expensive. After I got all five if the interviews I edited them and made a movie. Editing was difficult but it was an outstanding opportunity.
I am extremely disappointed because I will be missing the last day of My Media due to a school trip, where we are going to Washington D.C. I will miss all of the amazing people I have met through out this session and hope to see everyone again. I will never forget My Media, it was an awesome experience and I learned so much.

Parma Senior High Lunch vs. My packed lunch

Yesterday at school the main food for lunch was a pizza sandwich, which really was two pieces of bread with cheese and pizza sauce on the inside. Although this may reach health requirements, most kids threw their lunches away. They did serve an apple and a brocolli clump, but I feel they could use more vegtables and fruits. 

My lunch included a bowl of pasta salad (filled with vegtables), a granola bar, and a bowl of watermelon. Here is a picture of the school lunch (on top) and my lunch (on bottom).




Bullying won’t bring me down

Today in computers a girl got jealous of me because I sat next to my best friend who happens to be her best friend as well. She gets really upset and mad because we are close and she wants to be close. Every time I try to talk she gets upset and angry. She tells me “to shut my mouth and be quiet, I don’t have the right to speak.” I don’t listen to her because I am not going to let one person ruin my day. I just smile politely and walk away when she is acting rude. This way I can have a drama free world.
Don’t let bullies bring you down.


Do others try to drag you down and make you feel unwanted. Well if so, today it stops. Draw the line and stand up. Even if you don’t want to talk to the bully face to face, report it. Go tell any staff member of your school that you feel comfortable talking to, or go tell a parent. Together, we can all stop bullying for ourselves and others. It’s time we take a stand.

Parma Senior High School Lunches

Parma Senior High has some of the worst lunches. They are so unhealthy and disproportionate. They give us the smallest portions and are uually never fresh. As an example lunch consists of a greasy piece of pizza, milk, and ice cream. That is barely any food for a high school student.

Frozen foods and vending machines too!

Many of my friends are not eating at lunch. They tell me they don’t want the lunches served and they do not want those gross snacks in the vending machine. We all agree the vending machines should only be in use for after school purposes. Then during the day they should have a “fruit” vending machine with healthier choices like apples, bananas, oranges, yogurt, granola bars, fruit cups, and more. I feel if we put these choices into our school, then more people would eat and be full at lunch. Not eating can lead to many problems, like getting extreme headaches. I pack my lunch every single day because I would never eat any thing our school has to offer. Most of my friends are disgusted with the food, for an example yesterday, on Friday, April 19th the lunch table behind me had a chicken nugget that was frozen on the inside. This is unbearable to me, and something must be done. I would feel horrified if I had paid $2.30 for a piece of frozen chicken, luckily the food is most Likely pre-cooked, but still, there is no reason for this nonsense! Please comment and follow.


Yesterday, my friend at lunch ate two packs of Pop Tarts. That’s 4 Pop Tarts! That is extremely unhealthy. There is no protein in Pop Tarts so within an hour he was hungry again! He brought these from a vending machine. I feel vending machines should have healthier food in them, like fruit, yogurt, milk, water, granola bars, and other healthy snacks. Most kids eat chips or Pop Tarts from the vending machine because they do not want the lunch that is being offered. Most vending machine food costs 0.75cents. This could get costly everyday and is not a healthy choice.


Parma City School Lunches

Parma City Schools Lunches are repulsive to me. I feel they are not even considered a meal becuase depending on the lunch, there is not even enough food. Most kids, to actually be full or almost full are eating 2-4 lunches. Each lunch costs $2.30. Most lunches come with about 2 or 3 peices of fruit, a main dish (that is usually greasy) and milk. This is not enough food for high school students. Most kids eat vending machine food which is extreamly unhealty. I feel we need healthier choices and more food. I will be posting pictures. If you agree please feel free to send any feed back or questions.